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Residential complex BAISANAT

Video presentation of the club-type house BAISANAT. Seeing once is better...

Presentation of the RC «BAISANAT»

A cozy courtyard, blooming flower beds, ingenious
decor of recreation areas, airy rotundas, warm light
of street lanterns — coming back home is always a joy!

Amazing landscape design
Apartment With a separate entrance from the courtyard

Several layers of quality

1. Wood-aluminium windows 2. Fibrous concrete 3. Natural granite 4. Improved noise insulation 5. Improved heat insulation 6. Decorative brick 7. Engineering equipment
from the leading global brands

Durable and eco-friendly materials


Hall interiors

Sculpturing and woodcarving in the tradition of the oldest
art workshops. Deep relief, skilled decoration, fineness of
hand-made items create the exclusiveness of the interior.
Thanks to the skills of Orda Interiors, your apartment in the
residential complex BAISANAT can become a unique work of Art.

Swimming pool

Heated swimming pool.
Continuous filtration.
Comfort all year round!


Being fit is easy!
Just go downstairs to the Gym in your own house


An apartment for your automotive friend

Pleasant gifts

Parking slot Storage room

Find out more details about the gifts:

Comfortable apartment layouts

ORDA INVEST Corporation is an investment and construction company operating in
the residential and commercial real estate market since 2006. Since then, the company
has successfully commissioned many construction objects in Astana and Almaty.

Among them are the most famous ones that have already become the attractions of
Astana's main streets and key transport arteries: residential complexes "Europe Palace I, II",
"Sultan Apartments", "Orken de luxe I, II, III", "Asyl Park", "Yantarny", "Vivere", "Asem Tas",
"Zhetigen", "Nur Aspan" in Astana and the elite cottage settlement "Tau-Samal" in Almaty.

Apart from building, the company has proven to be a reliable and quality developer in the
commercial real estate sphere in Kazakhstan. The ORDA INVEST specialists constructed
the buildings of "Metro" hypermarkets in Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Pavlodar,
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Shymkent), "Magnum" in Almaty.

Our residential complexes

Apartments in the residential complex BAISANAT will be sold in compliance with the requirements
of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Cost-Sharing Housing Development", i.e.
After the framing of the residential building is constructed and the permission to get the funds
from the equity construction investors is issued by the legislative authority

The purchase of an apartment in the residential complex BAISANAT ensures that:
The agreement with the certified company will comply with the legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan and won't be announced invalid in future.
The buyer will be provided with a complete information on the house under construction, including the data on the developer, certified company etc.

Certified company: "BAISANAT" LLP (founded by "Orda Stroy Group" LLP with a 100% equity holding)
Construction site: as a private property is owned by "BAISANAT" LLP
Construction financing: own funds and funds of equity construction investors after a respective permission is obtained in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Офис продаж: г. Астана, ул. Сығанақ, 14 (ЖК Europe Palace)
ул. Кайыма Мухамедханова 9, Блок В (ЖК Оркен 2)

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